The design briefing for our friends at Eleven Architecture
could not have been more different from the outcome
for a brand that has had the same values for 15 years now.

The urge to create something different, unseen and stay true
to our core values: Honesty, ambition, affection and creativity.

Ultimately, GOODBOIS takes pride in being as much
free of prejudice and stereotype as human possible.

GOODBOIS for George Floyd

We would like to commemorate the tragic death of George Floyd and remind of our statement for more awareness for Black Equality in America and all over the world.

GOODBOIS SS'21 D2 Lookbook - 'Great Nostalgia'

Inspired by the great north american frontier feeling of freedom, the theme for this collection's summer program plays with our favourite wild western nostalgia from all our boyhood.

A contemporary update with trending aesthetics and a nod to the change of classic male stereotypes.

GOODBOIS SS'21 D1 Lookbook - 'Mental Care Line'

Inspired by rising social media pressure and trending hard drug abuse amongst youth and music cultures, the theme for this collection's program puts a focus on the importance of mental care and health awareness.

There is a time for adventure and rebellion in everyone's young life but was it ever cool to not care about your peers, let alone yourself?


Especially during the last months, we have all been getting more  aware of our own mental care.
To not just spread awareness but give you a little support for a more healthy mind, we invite you to be inspired by our 10-POINT-PLAN FOR A MENTAL SELF CARE DAY

GOODBOIS FW'20 Lookbook

GOODBOIS Fall/Winter 20 Collection


To inspire. To empower. To lead.

An aspiring youth with creativity & culture.

GOODBOIS SS'20 Lookbook

SS20 ‚Re-Connecting People’

In the wake of a worldwide crisis, where social distancing has become a new norm, online shopping is hyper booming, netflix servers crash from too heavy traffic and we are ordered to stay home alone as much as possible, this is our second chance in life:
To change our habits of how we consume and care for the world, become more aware of our personal relationships and while we are lost in our digital fake face-tune and foto-filter fantasies, we all have to realize and re-evaluate how good our lives have been so far.

This time of numb comfort and blind behavior is over. We can only maintain or improve our health and wealth in the future by re-connecting to the people around us and our community with a true sense of care and meaning.

Look into your next ones eyes, show them that you care and that your connection means something!

Stand for Something™️ together!


GOODBOIS FW'19 Lookbook

Fall/Winter’19 Delivery 1 styles available now at selected retailers and in our online shop! 

Universally connected through future technology but drastically disconnected from our natural human needs. Go outside and play! 

GOODBOIS SS'20 Showroom + SS'19 Pop-Up Store at Fashionweek, Berlin

We are looking back at an amazing week at our showroom and popup during fashionweek in Berlin with so many good talks, new experiences, happy faces and positive emotions! 

A big Thank You goes out to our great team, the day one fam, our loyal retailers and supportive artists
- we love you all! 

FW'18 Pop-Up Store at The Lovelace Hotel, Munich

For our FW'18 Collection Release we celebrated our inofficial 10+ Years Anniversary together with our friends and family and our local party crew Love$ick over at a very exclusive venue The Lovelace Hotel in our hometown Munich.

Story of GOLDLINK: Road to the GRAMMYS with GOODBOIS

When we met GOLDLINK, his DJ Kiddmarvel and his crew for the first time in Berlin in 2016... 

GOODBOIS FW'17 Editorial by Diego Reindel

We have always supported young talent, ever since we started. His name is Diego Reindel and we met him through his passion for photography. Visual pleasure!

FW'17 Pop-Up Store at PLVSVLTRA, Munich

FW'17 Pop-Up Store at PLVSVLTRA, Munich   This is a recap of our FW'17 Pop-Up Store which we opened a few days back. You could also say, thi...

GOODBOIS SS'17 Pop-Up Shop at Container Collective, Munich

For our SS'17 drop, we decided to try something new and open our Pop-Up Shop right in the center of Munich's new and vibrant art, bar and club area called Container Collective! This one was special!

GOODBOIS FW'16 Pop-Up Shop at The Storey, Oberpollinger, Munich

Highly honored, we recently invited you to celebrate the Opening of our 'VIDA' Pop-Up Shop on December 3rd 2016 at The Storey, Oberpollinger, Munich, Germany. 

GOODBOIS SS'16 Photo Editorial by Fatma Ali, Derek & Diana

We are excited to present to you some very fresh visuals for our SS'16 collection!

Soulection | Europe Tour | Berlin | Spring 2016 - Sosupersam, IAMNOBODI, LAKIM and Insightful - Photos by Roberto Brundo

Why do we love Soulection so much and why is it the perfect example of a modern lifestyle brand?       

Soulection | LA to Berlin Pool Party | Berlin | Summer 2015 – Recap by Roberto Brundo

A nostalgic visual recap from our last musical venture with Soulection in Berlin for a pool party on a hot summer night including Esta, Joe Kay, IAMNOBODI, The Whooligan, Andre Power & others! Photos shot by Roberto Brundo...




We were very pleased to host the visit of the Soulection fam on our hometurfs and to convince ourselves of their musical abilities at their energetic gigs in Munich and Berlin this late summer.

We did a little photo feature with The Whooligan, Andre Power, IAMNOBODI & Lakim. Shot by Tom Nti and Tanya BambooCreative...