GOODBOIS for George Floyd

GOODBOIS for George Floyd


In May 2020, George Floyd was brutally killed by a Minnesota policeman. A lot has changed in american history since then but the problems with racism and oppression of people of color still remain.

To show love and support for the black community, we started the 'GOODBOIS for George Floyd' fundraiser.

We asked our artist friend Ray Moore for a collaboration and created a Limited Edition Equality T-Shirt and Poster.
One year later we would like to commemorate the tragic death of George Floyd and remind of our statement for more awareness for Black Equality in America and all over the world.
We invited our creative friends @moubsen & @goldslumberkisses to create their own editorial with photos by @kajlehner and restocked the Equality T-Shirt and Poster with the powerful and poetic words of @raymoore
100% of the profits have been and will again be donated to the following organizations:

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