Soulection | LA to Berlin Pool Party | Berlin | Summer 2015 – Recap by Roberto Brundo

Soulection | LA to Berlin Pool Party | Berlin | Summer 2015 – Recap by Roberto Brundo


Soulection | The LA to Berlin Pool Party | Berlin | Summer 2015
Photo Recap by Roberto Brundo


It started last summer when we first met the Soulection fam that we had a dream of an authentic Soulection pool party in Berlin, to bring Los Angeles vibes and a distinctive musical genre together and present it all to you in a fashionable way – we felt the need to connect the dots.


This year we were very fortunate that everything fell into place just the way we had imagined it and the outcome was truly wonderful! Just like with any event the process whilst making it all happen was exciting and challenged us to take it to another level. Thus we are very grateful that Roberto Brundo, a photographer friend of ours at Highsnobiety captured some of these memorable moments with analog photography to make this summer night and all its new encounters one for the ages.
Enjoy the photos and credits below...



The list of people we want to thank is long and we would like to mention a few names right here:


Thank you especially to Julio The Whooligan, Joe Kay, ESTA, Andre Power, IAMNOBODI, Andres and Jacqueline from Soulection for making all this possible and coming out to Berlin!


Thank you in addition to Front2Blaq, Nico Adomako and Minoto from Bassgang for their musical contributions! 
More so, thank you to all the helping hands and heads and especially to Daniel's team at the Haubentaucher club and pool venue! 
Special thanks go out to Tim from Weboogie for bringing it together and the great teamwork! 
And again, Thank You to Roberto for this aesthetic visual recap with beautiful nostalgia! 


First and foremost – Thank you to all of you good people in Berlin who came out to a crazy hot, wet and wild summer night at the pool in August 2015 with good vibes only.


See all the analog photos from Soulection | The Sound Of Tomorrow | Berlin by Roberto in the slideshow below:



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