FW'17 Pop-Up Store at PLVSVLTRA, Munich

FW'17 Pop-Up Store at PLVSVLTRA, Munich

FW'17 Pop-Up Store

at PLVSVLTRA, Munich


This is a recap of our FW'17 Pop-Up Store which we opened a few days back.
You could also say, this is the story of how we met Mirjana and got to know her story of PLVSVLTRA.

I first discovered the beautiful and nostalgic boutique store PLVSVLTRA in one of Munich's most famous scenic old streets filled with small brick-and-mortar stores, barbershops,
bars and restaurants a few years back and I always thought it felt like looking into a time-wrap of retro golden 90s era when looking through the windows of this particular
small boutique store with a lot more class in fashion and style and without any of all this online shopping craze and huge lack of live and emotional, real customer experience.
So I always loved the appearance and inviting feel of the then for us anonymous and somewhat mysterious PLVSVLTRA boutique.

It wasn't until last december when we were ditched by the big world of commercial retail to not fit into their rigid and unpassionate machinery at the right place and the right time that
we like so many times before in the last 10 years felt the re-occuring urge to do it our own way!
That's when I started to fantasize about the idea of a GOODBOIS Pop Up Store at this mysterious PLVSVLTRA boutique on Fraunhoferstreet in Munich into which I had never set foot before
since the place was selling admittedly elegant but still women's dresses and exclusive high-end, hand-tailored ballroom gown's.
Very nice clothing but not really in our line of sports- and fashion-inspired streetwear.

The day came around christmas that I took my chances, went in and experienced one of the most inspiring human encounters of my not-so-young-anymore life. That was the day when I met
Mirjana for the first time. Before she even saw me, her welcoming and frienldy voice shouted from the back of the studio:
"Hello, who is this? I am so busy with a dress right now!" She still appeared into the front store part and politely made eye-contact with me. I told her how much I loved her boutique
store with this so distinctly classy, elegant and nostalgic feeling interior and she immediately burst with joyful laughter to tell another unseen lady in the back:
"This young man is such a sweet charm." Then she turned back to me and replied: "You are a nostalgic."

She then went on to tell me that she had designed the interior back in 1992 and it has been looking like this for 25 years now. All of the dresses and gowns are hand-made by herself
in the back in her small and very personally decorated studio and she only sells her own designs, tailor-made individually for each customer. What an inspiring story of 25 years and
more filled with so much passion and love for a real and genuine crafted product. Passion and love for real human connection and high customer, not just satisfaction but desire for
true human joy and fulfillment. Mirjana is doing what I wish every creator of product would be doing. She is creating a meaningful experience of personal human connection and
positive emotions, not just with her passionately hand-crafted product but with her own inspiring, open-minded, tolerant and positively energetic aura around it.
That is what her vision of PLVSVLTRA is all about. That is what our vision of GOODBOIS is all about.

Eventhough Mirjana was busy because she had to finish a dress for the next day, we talked for another few minutes and the human connection we made was fostered from the first minute we met.
At first, when I finally took the courage to ask her if we could rent her boutique for a Pop Up Shop, she really did not feel comfortable with the idea of giving away so much of her
personal life, even if just for a short time but she finally trusted in her desire to bring pleasure and need to give love to other humans and we ultimately made a friendly deal
just by shaking hands and believing in each others trust for the good in people.

One day before the Pop Up Store opening Mirjana even called me her brother and after the project had ended and we had cleaned everything up and carefully put back to its original state,
we happily agreed to stay connected and maybe work together again in the future.

After so many years of us trying to bring real customer experience to you, The FW17 Pop Up Store project was a perfect event for us and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Cheers to one of the best humans on earth Mirjana, her super friendly, helpful and sweet boyfriend Klaus, to our families for the enduring support and everyone who made it happen!

Much love! 



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