Story of GOLDLINK: Road to the GRAMMYS with GOODBOIS

Story of GOLDLINK: Road to the GRAMMYS with GOODBOIS

GOLDLINK as a blueprint of the new generation artist or:

How GOODBOIS went to Dubai and the Grammys

We all had dreams when we were little boys and girls. then life happens.
as boys or girls who grew up with everything and nothing, we represent a common consciousness
of this generation: we are better off than any generation before us but at the same time
we have to burden more of our conflicted history, hectic present and all these stressful anxieties
looming from the future. we often wonder: oh boy, how do I get thru this thing called life alive?

there is money on the one hand that always pushes and pressures and then there is culture.
art, music, sports, fashion and everything in between that means something different
to each and everyone of us but its inspiration for all of us.
so how do you give meaning to something in your life?

I never was an ambitious writer but when I was around 14 I got this digital memo book (this was before
smartphones were even invented). on a summertrip to the UK while driving thru the cloudy countryside in a rental car with my family, I texted amateur-philosophically about life. I will never forget what I realized and typed into my memo book on that day way back in my 90's youth: 
life is what you make it about.

money will always come and go but culture is what gives true meaning to our lives.

if you are still reading this, this is were GOLDLINK comes into play:

eventhough he might be a little bit younger than me, I feel that his music embodies exactly the present spirit of the younger generations and he does so without forgetting about our past. GOLDLINK knows where he is from, he grew up with so many dimensions of cultivated cultures but then also, he is still from the streets. he has this super talented feel for a new and exciting super contemporary vibe without making it look or sound dull or superficial (or cheesy: oh well, Kanye...), which normally are ever so present traits of the entertainment industry.

when we met GOLDLINK, his DJ Kiddmarvel and his crew for the first time in Berlin in 2016, he was very quiet and calm on the outside but everyone could feel that he knew exactly who he was and where he was going! he was well-mannered, considerate and friendly but he also had this incredible charisma and self-confidence because GOLDLINK is well-aware of what he is doing and his music is so much of an inspiration for how a commercial product can be wonderful art and good money at the same time: 

you have to create with an enormous understanding and sensitivity of your history and our culture and you have to have or gain the talent to re-invent the past for a new and exciting future, 
not just for ourselves but very much to inspire the next generation of youth.

after GOLDLINK's last tour thru europe, he went to Dubai for a live show at SoleDxB.

this is where his photographer Olli @contentbae took photos of him wearing our Grizzly Hoody.

in january GOLDLINK was nominated for the Grammy Awards and he and his crew were rockin GOODBOIS amongst other very fire fits inspired by his stylist Lucas Crowley who he brings on every one of his tours!

we hope to see GOLDLINK and his crew strive and prosper for more well-deserved success and
fulfilling their dreams all the while making more wonderful music that means so much to us!

thank you to GOLDLINK and his crew for the love and support! 
see you on the next one! 

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